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I'm opening a window to request a dragon tail commission! Requests will be taken until midnight at the end of Thursday March 2, and I'll get back to everyone by Saturday. I will take as many orders as I believe I can complete by the end of March.

For full info, check my informational page here:
And if you'd like a tail, fill out this form here:
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DracoLoricatus's Profile Picture
Jesse Ashcraft-Johnson
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
I work in architecture, and I craft things in the evenings.

Everything I make is either made of chainmail or lasers. Mostly that means laser-cut leather. I really like CNC fabrication.


Dragon Tail for sale - red, black, pink
I’ve got a dragon tail to sell! It’s red with black on the spine, with an underbelly of pink bright aluminum scales. Very shiny!

This tail had been made for a commissioner, who then was unable to pay. It’s been sitting in my room for a while, and it’s time to cash it in!

More photos over on my Tumblr,, and it's for sale over at my Etsy page! Jump on it quick before that other guy gets it!

I do hope to open up for commissions in not too long, but I need to finish dealing with a few projects currently owed to people.
Bracelet broke after 4 years!
This was one of the very first leather bracelets I made, way back in 2013, and it finally broke! This is exciting for me, because I get to talk about how my products hold up over time!

This bracelet saw regular wear, though not daily, for almost 4 years. This was the prototype of this bracelet design. After I laid out and laser-cut this one, I looked at it hard and decided that it looked too fragile, with the bridges of leather between the cuts for the scales being too small. Basically, I was worried that it would break too easily. So for the design to sell I reduced it to 3 columns of scales, and increased the size of the gaps a little bit. But I wore this one myself to see how it would last.

And boy was I surprised! 4 years! Wow. And I was not careful with it. It finally gave in to a pretty darn forceful tug while pulling my hand free of some tight fabric.

You can also see here how the leather ages over time. Grime and sweat from your hands will soak into it, which darkens the underside. Oils and sweat stuff it comes in contact with will slowly affect the surface, giving it a bit of variation and patina. And after years of wear, the leather is now quite flexible, floppy even.

Anyway, I like being able to share how things wear over time. It’s not as sexy as fresh clean new merchandise, but I think it’s important.

And it kind of highlights societal weirdnesses around prices of Things that this piece of jewelry I sell for the price of a meal at a restaurant will hold up for so long.

Some more photos and forensics over on my Tumblr.
pup hood

Finally put ears on this dog mask/pup hood! 

More photos over on my tumblr.

This was a prototype/first run at making a mask in this style, with snout in front and buckles in back. It worked out pretty well, and I think the buckle arrangement looks pretty clean. The snout and ears both detach with snaps, which felt like it was a good way to start thinking about modularity. And there’s enough room in the eye area that it fits on over my glasses, which I think is pretty cool. The snout is open at the bottom, which is pretty comfortable, but the snout is deep enough that it doesn’t really expose the chin very much. And the base structure should be able to support different types of snouts.

The only thing I’m a little bit skeptical of is the ears. I wanted to try a minimalist construction, and it seems to work with just 2 points of attachment (which pivot too, being snaps). But the shape is maintained by stress in the curved segment between the snaps, and I’ll have to see how that holds up when the ears get bonked. But if it does need some adjusting, they’re removable, so that’s easy.

The next mask I make with this structure I’m going to adjust how the straps attach to the mask. Here they’re just riveted directly to the mask. Next time I’ll attach D-rings to the mask and attach the straps to those. That’ll let them pivot around that point, rather than needing to be lined up to point in just the right direction. 

Mask was made by hand from 4 oz vegetable-tanned leather, stained black. I’ll finish it with neatsfoot oil, which’ll darken it up a bit more and make the surface a bit more supple. Rivets and snaps are nickel-plated steel.
pet rock group shot

I made a couple more kinky pet rocks! The Y harness one I’d had sitting around for a while, and now it’s joined by one in a bulldog harness and one that’s fully-suited!

I dunno man. I just think these are a lot of fun to make. I should get some photos of them being held so the size is more obvious, then I’ll post them up for sale. I’ll think of more innuendo to slather the description with then.

I’ve still got a few more nice-looking rocks, maybe suggest some more ideas for costumes for pet rocks?


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Thank you for the +fav
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Thanks for the fav! Wrex la 
LeatherHead72 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for faving my Hermes Aviator and Plague Mask pics! Much appreciated!
MisstressMina Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It's been a while since I left you any comments.

I'm always highly impressed by your work and your skill. You photographing of your works is also very high quality. Well done. Also, I just noticed on your DeviantID we have the same name :) just found that to be interesting is all.

No real purpose for my commenting honestly, just felt like saying things I felt you deserved to hear but don't get often.
Dracohydrus33 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I Love You #2 (Free) 
NinjaGeko43 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
since you have heat-anodized titanium before (link) i was wondering if you could help me with something.

I was just wondering if, when colouring titanium scales for a tail, would you heat-anodize the titanium before or after you make the tail?
DracoLoricatus Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
I haven't heat-colored anything as big as a tail before. For small things like bracelets I heat it after weaving it all together. It's faster than heating the scales individually, and it means that neighboring scales get colored similarly.

For something larger like a tail, I don't know. My normal method of holding it over a flame until it starts glowing a bit wouldn't work very well. Too big. Maybe it would be possible to hang it from something solid and use a blowtorch to do the heating? In an ideal world it might be possible to use a kiln to heat it.

And of course the big worry with heat-anodizing something so large is, what if I mess up? If I mess up a bracelet, I'm only down a few bucks of material and half an hour of work. But messing up a tail would knock me out a heap of money and a few days' worth of labor.

So maybe I'd opt for working out some way to heat the scales up in batches before weaving them together. It would mean I'd end up with more of a pattern of scattered colors rather than smooth irregular gradients, but it would be safer.
NinjaGeko43 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ok, thanks for the advice :D
Torkos-Arcflame Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Hello friend! I absolutely love and am impressed by what you do, and was wondering how much it would cost for a commission. Friends of mine and I have stumbled upon your work and were wondering if we could possibly commission some of those dragontails (no pun intended) you've got there.

DracoLoricatus Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi there! The base price for my dragon tails is $250, though the final prices may be more or less depending on length, add-on options, or more expensive metals. For a more in-depth write-up about the tails, check out this informative page over on my tumblr:
My life is pretty busy right now, so I might not be able reply very quickly, but feel free to drop me a note and I'd be happy to discuss details!
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